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If you’re updating your landscaping or building a new home, now’s the time to consider the many benefits of artificial grass. From water conservation to more enjoyable weekends free of mowing, weeding, and fertilizing, it’s easy to see why artificial grass landscaping from SYNLawn® Vancouver Island is a smart investment. Other great advantages include: 

✔ Up to two-thirds lower water bills

✔ No air or noise pollution from gas-powered mowers

✔ Reduced carbon footprint

Best of all, you get to enjoy a luscious green lawn all year long! 

The SYNLawn Vancouver Island Difference 

A realistic-looking alternative to natural grass, artificial turf has come a long way since it was first introduced. It’s now available in a variety of styles and colours that look remarkably natural. All SYNLawn Vancouver Island artificial grass systems are manufactured with heat-blocking technology that reflects sunlight and lowers rising temperatures. It’s a difference you can feel! 

Lawn & Landscape Features 

SYNLawn Vancouver Islands customizes each customer’s landscape design to perfection. No detail is too small to consider. We flawlessly blend your new artificial grass installation with existing landscaping features such as trees, flower beds, hedges, shrubs, and pathways, creating a distinctive appearance for your home. 

Why Choose SYNLawn Vancouver Island 

Along with our knowledgeable staff and superior quality artificial grass, we offer: 

SYNLawn Vancouver Island’s residential artificial grass systems enhance your home’s landscape as no other synthetic turf can. Whichever approach you choose, you’ll enjoy a realistic, safe, and easy-to-maintain lawn that perfectly complements your home. Ready to get started? Schedule a consultation with SYNLawn Vancouver Island today.

Our Residential Landscaping Products

SYNAugustine 347

Total Weight: 75 oz | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*

Combining beautiful multi-colored grass blades with a dense multi-colored thatch to create a natural appearance with a realistic feel and superior strength. Our softest, most comfortable variety of grass ever created.

SYNAugustine 547

Total Weight: 50 oz | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*

USDA Certified Bio-based product using Super Yarn's technology and renewable sugarcane to create a soft, environmentally friendly artificial grass variety that is as stunning as it is sustainable and economical.

SYNAugustine 847

Total Weight: 80 oz | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*

Pound-for-pound, the thickest, most dense artificial turf style available. SA847 is an ideal turf option for domestic Pet owners, commercial Pet facilities, and Golfers with a low pile-height, close-knit thatch, and realistic grass blades jam-packed with Super Yarn's Technology.

SYNAugustine X47

Total Weight: 100 oz | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*

Weighing in at 100-oz, this grass variety rises above the competition with its unmatched softness and durability. Multi-color Super Yarn's grass blade technology and a dense thatch combine to offer a leading contender in its weight class.

SYNBlue 949

Total Weight: 90 oz | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*

A knockout combination of multi-colored grass blades incorporating field green, apple, olive, and beige in the surface color makes this variety of turf the undisputed champion of realism in artificial grass.

SYNFescue 343

Total Weight: 80 oz | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*

Offering superior dimensional strength and stability while remaining easy on the eyes and wallet. Incorporating Super Yarn's technology, this landscape grass offers extreme flexibility and durability, creating the perfect solution for multiple applications.

SYNTipede 343

Total Weight: 106 oz. | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*

Offering superior durability in high foot traffic areas is what sets this artificial grass variety apart from the rest of the pack, ideal turf for a multitude of applications where durability and reliability matter.

SYNPro 60

Total Weight: 60 oz | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*

Stunning realism at a budget-friendly value make this artificial grass a perfect fit for those seeking premium quality at a economical price.

SYNPro 70

Total Weight: 70 oz | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*

Top-quality artificial turf at an adordable price, this synthetic grass variety provides stunning realism at a budget-friendly value that is sure to make the neighborhood turn green with envy.

SYNPro 80

Total Weight: 80 oz | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*

Joining the SYNPro Collection at a light-heavyweight 80-ounce face weight, SYNPro 80 is an excellent contender for 'Rookie of the Year' accolades. Excellent quality and durability make this up and coming artificial grass style a great choice for residential lawns and demanding commercial applications. SYNPro 80's grass blades measure at 2" tall, making for a soft, plush turf style you'll want to kick off your shoes and lie down on.

SYNPro 100

Total Weight: 100 oz | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*

Entering the SYNPro Collection as a 100-ounce heavyweight turf product, SYNPro 100 is destined to be one of the greats. Expect all the luxuries of a full 2″ pile height turf style crafted with a dense thatch for additional comfort. This artificial grass style is a great option for landscape contractors and those working within a budget.


Total Weight: 58 oz | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*

At a 1" pile height, SYNPro PET makes it easy for pet owners to clean up after their fur babies. SYNPro PET is an economical synthetic turf that can be installed indoors or outdoors. An excellent choice for pet owners needing quality performance within a budget. Available in colors too.

It’s easy to see why SYNLawn® artificial grass is the perfect landscaping solution.

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