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SYNLawn artificial turf is  for schools, athletes, athletic directors, and coaches alike. Advantages players enjoy with synthetic grass sports surfaces include: 

✔ Impact absorption

✔ Superior durability

✔ Improved agility

✔ Safety features

SYNLawn Vancouver Island’s premium artificial turf systems offer long-term cost savings and are suitable for any school or professional level sporting activity. They’re designed to withstand the hard-played games as well as practices, drills, and workouts. Best of all, they look great all year long, no matter what the weather. 

The SYNLawn Difference 

All SYNLawn Vancouver Island synthetic multi-sport surfaces are designed to give the highest level of protection to athletes and others who use them. Our artificial turf solutions are the perfect choice for many personal, educational, and commercial athletic applications, including but not limited to: 

Scoring a goal, rounding the bases, or shooting hoops, every sport can be better enjoyed on SYNLawn systems for athletics. Each surface is built to last, and provide an optimal playing field, no matter what your chosen sport is.  


manufactured with athletes in mind. A low-friction turf with foam backing to absorb energy and reduce body impact, it’s the ideal solution for strength and agility training.


built to withstand hard continuous use and absorb repeated impacts. It’s the surface of choice for cross-training and track and field as athletes can train for optimum performance while mitigating the risk of injury.  


A more kid-friendly surface, can be used to create custom playing surfaces of any size, colour combination, and game lines. It comes in five premium tiles for different activities, including (1) outdoor sports, (2,3) speed indoor and outdoor sports like inline hockey, (4) skate, and (5) competitive sports like volleyball.  

Get Your Game On 

SYNLawn Vancouver Island artificial turf systems are engineered for superior performance and designed to help athletes of all skills and levels to hone and improve their skills. The associated costs savings can be substantial, with: 

They also provide maximum drainage and little to no moisture buildup. Cleanup and disinfection is a breeze. 

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It’s easy to see why SYNLawn® artificial grass is the perfect landscaping solution.

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