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You’ve probably heard that synthetic turf is a wonderful low maintenance replacement for natural grass. “Low maintenance,” however, doesn’t mean “no maintenance.” While everyone would love to have a maintenance-free landscape, it’s simply not possible! The good news, though, is that artificial turf from SYNLawn Vancouver Island requires minimal maintenance, and we can perform much of it for you! 

SYNLawn Premium Artificial Grass Maintenance 

Vancouver Island’s distinct seasons bring all types of weather conditions that can affect your synthetic turf. We offer convenient maintenance packages that include: 

Benefits of Regular Maintenance for Artificial Turf 

Regular maintenance of your synthetic grass keeps any landscape, park, sports field, or other artificial turf surface looking great. While performing typical maintenance tasks, we also check your system for performance. Our comprehensive maintenance plans include: 

You can choose from annual, bi-annual, or more frequent maintenance programs. No matter which one you choose, a maintenance program is a guaranteed way to get the most out of your artificial turf system.

Protect Your Synthetic Turf Investment 

When you install a SYNLawn artificial turf system, you’re provided with a care and maintenance manual that explains how you can extend the useful life of your artificial turf system by: 

Other steps you can take include: 

SYNLawn Vancouver Island’s artificial turf solutions are safe, environmentally friendly, and, with regular maintenance, designed to last a long time. To learn more about all our synthetic turf systems, including our maintenance programs, contact us today for your free consultation!

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