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Kids want their playgrounds to be fun. Parents want them to be safe, too. Since most playground injuries occur from falls on hard and abrasive surfaces, installing the safest surface underneath playground equipment is a smart investment.  

SYNLawn Vancouver Island’s Playground System is the safest, most consistent playground surface available today. Our impact-absorbing artificial grasses for playgrounds are designed for all types of playground equipment. They’re safer, cleaner, and more comfortable than conventional rubber or natural grass surface and protect children from falls at high as 10 feet.  

What Makes SYNLawn Artificial Playground Grass Superior? 

A playground surface that lets kids be kids, SYNLawn’s Playground System offers superb safety features that meet IPEMA standards, even with heavy use. While rubber surface playgrounds also provide protection, they also absorb heat in the summer and can become hard and brittle in the winter. 

SYNLawn Vancouver Island’s Playground Systems: 

✔ Consistent safety standards

✔ Have the natural look of real green grass

✔ Built-in safety with ultra-soft padding

✔ Encompass over 25 different synthetic turf products, all of which can be safely used for play areas

✔ Offer superior drainage at the rate of 6 inches an hour, so the surfaces are immediately ready for play even after the hardest rainfal

✔ No watering or frequent top-offs make Envirofill infill the #1 choice for areas where play, not maintenance and upkeep matter most

Here are just a few of the outstanding product features designed to make playtime more fun: 

We also offer two system upgrade packages that save you time and money. 

Our Playground Products

It’s easy to see why SYNLawn® artificial grass is the perfect landscaping solution.

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