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Created for golf enthusiasts of all levels who dream of owning a home green, SYNLawn Vancouver Island’s premium synthetic putting greens provide hours of enjoyment while optimizing your golf game.

SYNLawn vs. Other Artificial Putting Greens 

SYNLawn Vancouver Island’s synthetic putting greens look, feel, and perform like a professional circuit natural putting surface. Manufactured in the USA using recyclable and renewable components, our artificial golf green systems are designed for a longer life when compared with other manufacturers.  

Superior features that set us apart and make sure nothing gets in the way of your game include: 

SYNLawn Vancouver Island’s Putting Green Line 

For golfers, improving their putting and chipping skills are paramount. Our affordable, professional-grade artificial putting greens give golfers of every skill level the experience of playing on natural grass, without having to maintain it.  

The experts at SYNLawn Vancouver Island work with you to create a practice green that meets your golf needs and complements its surroundings. Our synthetic putting green systems include: 

Dave Pelz GreenMaker™

portable fairway mats. A non-permanent option available in four sizes, these portable mats assemble or disassemble in minutes on virtually any indoor or outdoor flat surface. Ideal for locations with limited yard space, they offer true ball-roll, realistic fringe, and adjustable contours. 

Permanent Synthetic Golf Greens

are specifically designed to fit the space and details of your project. We offer a variety of fairway and fringe textures to make practicing your short game an always enjoyable experience. 

System Upgrades

Optional system upgrades including the Dave Pelz ShotStopper, which allows balls hit from 75 yards or more to land just like the real thing.

SYNLawn is North American’s largest manufacturer and unrivaled innovator of artificial grass surfaces. SYNLawn Vancouver Island’s synthetic golf systems are custom-built to your demanding standards, designed to withstand any weather conditions, and welcome heavy use!  

No matter which artificial putting green system you choose, you’re guaranteed a product that maintains its realistic look and feel while taking strokes off your handicap. Ready to start honing your golf skills in your own backyard? Schedule a consultation with SYNLawn Vancouver Island today.

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