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Posted: 1 Feb '22

Why More and More Vancouver Island Residents are Opting for an Artificial Lawn

Why More and More Vancouver Island Residents are Opting for an Artificial Lawn

While there are those homeowners who find mowing the lawn relaxing, plenty of others aren’t overly excited about the amount of time they spend feeding, watering, and cutting the grass to keep it green and healthy. Yet, they still love what areas of green do to enhance their home’s curb appeal.

An artificial lawn can give your Victoria home the visual boost you desire while offering numerous environmental benefits like water conservation, decreased carbon emissions, and the elimination of chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides. Call us for a consultation!

Why Vancouver Island Residents Are Switching to Artificial Lawns

Most people are familiar with the artificial turf used for sports fields, mini-golf courses, and dog parks. Artificial lawns are differ from athletic synthetic turf, though, as they’re geared more towards aesthetics than speed and safety. A quality artificial lawn looks and feels like natural grass and is typically manufactured with shorter blades in a range of subtle greens. You get a denser, plusher lawn that has a more pleasing texture than artificial sports grasses.

As artificial turf technology has improved, more people are opting to install the product in their front, back, and side yards. Here’s why.

1. Customized Landscaping

SYNLawn Vancouver Island tailors your artificial lawn to complement your existing landscape. Trees, hedges, pathways, and flowerbeds are all integrated with your new synthetic grass to create a distinctive look for your home.

2. Low Maintenance

As close to maintenance-free as you can get, a SYNLawn artificial lawn requires very little time and effort to keep it looking great. A good cleaning in the summer and winter and the removal of leaves in the autumn is the guaranteed way to get the most out of your synthetic grass.

3. It’s Incredibly Eco-Friendly

As it doesn’t need hydration to thrive, a synthetic lawn conserves water, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in water costs over the course of a year. You don’t need to use toxic fertilizer and pesticides, either, which protects pets and prevents water runoff that carries contaminants to nearby water bodies. Plus, innovative infill products like Envirofill have antimicrobial protections infused into them which effectively reduce up to 99% of odors associated with pet urine while preventing microbial growth.

Add Value to your Victoria Home with an Artificial Lawn

Artificial grass is a terrific, versatile solution for your home that’s highly durable and more robust than natural grass.

SYNLawn Vancouver Island’s residential artificial turf systems enhance your Vancouver Island home’s landscape like no other synthetic grass can. We offer: 

  • Up to 25 different options of the most technologically advanced artificial grass.
  • Lifetime warranties on all synthetic turf products.
  • A realistic and easy-to-maintain artificial lawn that perfectly complements your home.

To learn about all the benefits an artificial lawn offers, contact SYNLawn Vancouver Island today for a free consultation! We’ll show you how to obtain a green, vibrant space you can enjoy all year long.