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Posted: 1 Mar '21

6 Reasons Why Pet Owners Love Artificial Grass

6 Reasons Why Pet Owners Love Artificial Grass

Most pet owners would do just about anything for their four-legged family members. But one thing they’d probably love to do less of is cleaning up after them! Easy clean-up is only one great benefit of installing pet-friendly artificial grass at your Vancouver Island home. SYNLawn Vancouver Island’s premium artificial grass for pets also delivers plenty of other advantages over other synthetic pet grasses on the market. Call us for a consultation today! 

1. Easy to Clean 

Incredibly easy to keep clean, artificial grass requires a simple hosing down to get rid of liquid waste while solids are easy to spot, pick up, and dispose of. And odor eliminating Envirofill infill ensures you and your pet enjoy worry-free enjoyment of your new lawn. 

2. No Muddy Mayhem 

It only takes a little bit of moisture to turn a natural grass lawn into a potential mud zone. From morning dew to a heavy rainstorm, artificial grass eliminates the risk of your pet tracking mud inside for you to clean up.  

3. Always Looks Great 

Lush, soothing, and inviting, artificial grass always looks great no matter how hard your pet plays or runs. Rain, snow, whatever the weather, your yard looks great with no holes to fill or brown spots to replace. SYNLawn Vancouver offers a wide selection of branded synthetic grass pet products, so you can choose the one that fits your landscape and your pet best. 

4. Great for Play 

Manufactured from eco-friendly materials, SYNLawn artificial grass for pets will have your pets wagging their tails in delight as they enjoy the soft texture that feels great on their paws. The smooth surface makes running, jumping, and playing enjoyable for pets, kids, and parents alike. Because synthetic grass doesn’t attract ticks and fleas, you don’t have to worry about weed killers or pesticides interrupting playtime. 

5. No More Digging 

Most dogs love to dig! Artificial grass is a simple and effective way to make sure your landscape is hole-free and looking as beautiful and spotless as the day you installed it. 

6. Great Investment 

When you weigh in the savings you realize on things like water, fertilizer, and lawn equipment, synthetic grass is one of the smartest investments you can make.  

Artificial Grass for Pet Areas 

SYNLawn Vancouver Island’s superior artificial grasses are designed to take whatever your pets dish out. Along with the great benefits listed above, our artificial pet grass solutions offer practical advantages such as an optimum drainage rate of 30-inches per hour, ultra-durable Super Yarn™ construction, and SYNLawn’s exclusive EnviroLoc™ Backing System, which locks in the turf fibres and extends the artificial grasses’ lifespan. We also offer several optional system upgrades like organic odor control, a turf damage security package, and a rodent control package. 

Easy to install and designed to withstand any weather conditions, artificial grass from SYNLawn Vancouver Island is the ideal product for dogs and other pets, offering them a clean, safe, and comfortable place to play all year round. Want to learn more? Schedule a consultation with SYNLawn Vancouver Island today.