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Posted: 1 Nov '21

Get Less Skinned Knees and Softer Landings with Artificial Grass in Your Outdoor Play Areas

Get Less Skinned Knees and Softer Landings with Artificial Grass in Your Outdoor Play Areas

Did you know it isn’t the monkey bars, slides, and swings that cause the most play area injuries? Falls onto hard and abrasive surfaces do. The surfaces children play on make a huge difference in how many bruises, skinned knees, and even broken bones they suffer. Artificial grass makes kids’ play areas a lot safer than they used to be. Call us for a consultation!

Artificial Grass for Outdoor Play Areas

Vancouver Island is home to thousands of parks and playgrounds. There are also countless backyard play areas where kids spend hours of their lives skipping, running, and engaging in boisterous games.

Soft and impact-absorbing, premium artificial grass for playgrounds, backyards, and daycare centers is cleaner, safer, and more comfortable than natural grass or rubber surfaces. Along with providing a softer landing during those inevitable falls, it’s also:

  • Hypoallergenic, minimizing allergies and cutting down or eliminating allergies for most kids.
  • Easy to clean. Just pick up sticks or leaves and occasionally rinse it down.
  • Less muddy than natural grass. You also won’t end up with worn areas or big holes where kids can trip and hurt themselves.
  • Practically maintenance-free. No more weekly or daily visits from lawn crews with their loud and polluting equipment.

If you want a long-lasting surface that’s soft, compliant, and meets safety requirements, artificial grass ensures everyone has a safer and happier place to play. Another benefit to artificial turf for play areas is its reliability. Though wood chips, loose sand, and other loose ground covers can provide safer falls, they must be kept at a certain thickness. Their loose quality also means they don’t necessarily stay in place.

Fewer Scraped Knees

Head injuries are a major concern when kids fall, but they aren’t the only dangers. Cuts and scrapes on rough surfaces like coarse sand and concrete can quickly ruin a fun day of play. Artificial grass is much easier on children’s delicate skin. Plus, kids can more easily roll around on artificial grass without worrying about getting pierced with sharp objects. Lastly, artificial grass playing areas put less stress on kids’ still-developing joints.

SYNLawn Vancouver Island offers artificial grass for play areas that provides IPEMA-compliant fall safety features, even after heavy use. We offer over two dozen different synthetic turf products, all of which you can use safely in playgrounds, daycares, parks, schoolyards, and backyard play areas. The non-abrasive surface is as soft as real grass yet is better at protecting kids against cuts and bruises. It also makes grass stains on clothing a thing of the past!

SYNLawn Artificial Grass for Outdoor Play Areas

Ready to make playtime a fun and safe experience for the kids in your life? Artificial grass playground products from SYNLawn Vancouver Island are the safest and most comfortable surfaces you’ll find anywhere. Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more.