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Posted: 1 Oct '21

Dreaming of Hitting the Links? Get in Some Golf at Home with Synthetic Turf from SYNLawn!

Dreaming of Hitting the Links? Get in Some Golf at Home with Synthetic Turf from SYNLawn!

Golfers serious about improving their game can now practice their skills any time, night or day. Indoor putting greens, simulator rooms, and training rooms all make it possible—without having to head out to the range or course.

Did you know you can install SYNLawn’s artificial putting greens indoors? Our synthetic turf looks, feels, and performs like the real thing. Why not create an inside golf green for your Victoria home with the help of SYNLawn Vancouver Island? You’ll improve your game and enjoy hours of enjoyment! Call us today for a consultation.

Indoor Golf Options

A decade ago, the idea of an indoor golf room was unthinkable for most people. Those that were installed required lugging home a load of lumber and green carpeting to build a basement platform. Not only was it a lot of work, but the carpeting was hardly the ideal surface for perfecting your putting and chipping. Today, synthetic turf indoor artificial putting greens and simulator rooms let you work on all your skills, including your swing.

Artificial Indoor Putting Greens

SYNLawn Vancouver Island’s indoor putting greens offer an incredibly realistic look and feel. They’re a favourite of homeowners who want an indoor practice area as well as business clients who install them in their offices. They’re an ideal choice for people who live in cold weather areas yet want to perfect their short game all year long.

Golf Simulator Rooms

Home golf simulators are like giant 3D video games, except you’re not pushing buttons and or using a joystick to replicate a round of golf—you’re actually practicing your swing and putting. They’re easy to install in spare rooms, garages, or basements and allow you to play a quick 18 holes at some of the most famous courses in the world!

With an indoor golf simulator, you use your real clubs to take full swings and see similar results as when you’re out at the course or driving range. You might have seen one at your local golf store when trying out some new clubs. A typical setup consists of a:

  • Projector
  • Hitting map
  • Launch monitor
  • Computer or laptop
  • Simulator screen
  • Software

Features include data such as distance, speed, shot angle, spin, and trajectory. Adding an indoor putting green made with SYNLawn’s synthetic turf completes the package.

Indoor Golf Training Rooms

Indoor practice greens have become popular in colleges and universities in areas where the weather makes practicing impractical many days of the year. Now they’re popping up all over so golfers can keep their short game sharp until the weather improves.

Indoor practice facilities are large, climate-controlled, perfectly lit short game paradises. With its patented shot-stopping underlayers, SYNLawn’s synthetic turf greens accept shots just like natural grass. The greens even feature elevation changes, slopes, and contours like those found at championship courses.

Best Synthetic Turf Putting Greens in Victoria

Serious golfer or weekend warrior, SYNLawn’s indoor synthetic turf putting greens are designed and guaranteed to give you years of enjoyment! To learn more about all your artificial grass options for indoor practice golf greens, contact SYNLawn Vancouver Island today for a free consultation.