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Posted: 1 Jul '21

A Guide for Artificial Turf Maintenance on Vancouver Island

A Guide for Artificial Turf Maintenance on Vancouver Island

So you’ve invested in artificial turf for your Vancouver Island home or business. Great! While all SYNLawn synthetic grasses are designed to look great for a long time, there are things you can do to keep them in their best condition. Following these simple artificial turf maintenance tips for your residence or commercial property ensures your landscape looks great all year-round. If you want to extend your artificial turf’s lifespan, use these maintenance guidelines to protect and care for all of your SYNLawn Vancouver Island products, or call us today to schedule artificial turf maintenance.

Airborne Pollutants

The ideal artificial turf cleanser for your new synthetic lawn is rainfall. Since Victoria is in the rain shadows of the Vancouver Island mountains and the Olympic Mountains in Washington state, it tends to get less rain than the rest of BC or other provinces. That makes artificial turf maintenance in Victoria a little different. To remove dust, pollen, and other pollutants, give your synthetic grass a quick spray with the water hose.

Brush, Brush, Brush

Brushing is the simplest part of artificial turf maintenance. Periodic brushing, particularly in areas that get a lot of foot traffic, helps restore your artificial turf to its like-new appearance. Just brush as often as needed.

Remove Stains

Fortunately, artificial turf’s synthetic fibres are impenetrable to dirt and water. That makes keeping the grass clean a fairly simple task. Common stains like coffee and tea spills, alcohol, soft drinks, mustard, latex paint, fruit juices, and more can usually be cleaned with a warm, mild solution of low sudsing or granular household detergent. The trick is to clean them up as soon as possible after they happen. You can use a 3% solution of ammonia in water for more stubborn stains.

For tougher stains like asphalt and tar, motor oil and grease, suntan oil, and crayon are best removed with a dry-cleaning solution spot remover. Use the product sparingly and take care to prevent it from penetrating beneath the turf.

Pet Waste

SYNLawn Vancouver Island’s artificial turf products are extremely pet friendly, but in areas where there’s less rainfall to cleanse the turf, it’s a good idea to hose down the areas where your pets play to keep the surface unsoiled and hygienic. A homemade mix of equal parts water and white vinegar is a great odor neutralizer.

Other Artificial Turf Maintenance Tips

Here are suggested tips for less common issues:

  • Like with other materials, tree sap and chewing gum can be remove by freezing them.
  • Fungus and mold spots respond well to a 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide in water.
  • More difficult stains like oil paint might require the use of a commercial carpet cleaner. Your SYNLawn Vancouver Island dealer is a great source of information!

Keep Your Artificial Turf Looking Great

There may be times you need to do artificial turf maintenance at your property more often, like when it’s windy, but for the most part, as long as you brush when needed and clean stains quickly, your low-maintenance synthetic grass will be just that. To learn more about artificial turf maintenance and our life-time warranty, contact us today for a free consultation!